Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Winning is for losers!

Over on the Done Deal screenwriters' message board, in the Writing Exercises forum, the man known only as JCorona has been running a fun "March Madness" short script contest (up to 5 pages, any genre). Kind of an annual event now.

I hadn't written anything script-ish for a while — heck I even blew this year's V.D. Contest (er, that's Valentine's Day, not...) — so I decided I'd chuck a script into the MM contest. Hell yeah! Go me!

Thus my frantic brain drove my typing finger to pound the keyboard day and night. My keyboard received such abuse that it's been acting up since, backspacing at random to wipe out characters, but despite this technical difficulty I came up with not one, but 4 short scripts in the space of as many days.

I read them over with enormous pride, and entered a glowing self-congratulatory state of being that touched true nirvana, until I realized they were all sh!t on a stick. But that's besides the point! Winning is for losers, it's the trying that matters! Didn't Yoda say as much to Luke? I'm pretty sure he did.


Sophia said...

Blimey! You've gone out into dark and swampy space and returned a script writing machine!

Does this mean heading back to the home planet for the Frenzy next month?

Derek said...

Heh, you must've missed the "**** on a stick" disclaimer. One got a few votes in the contest, the others perished. On to the next round! Even though winning for losers is.

Not sure about Frenzy, it's not calling to me this year, been there failed that. Or maybe I'm looking ahead and thinking, "What would I do with ONE MORE script anyway?" Got too many gathering dust as it is.

Sophia said...

Could you do it for the same reason you did the MM contest? The thing that appealed to you about that and caused you to enter seems like something worth keeping in mind for a while. Fun leading to nirvana leading to not-so-great scripts, but heck, do that over a month and it sounds like a great time and maybe a better script at the end.

Your looking ahead comment is a killer to read -- Yoda say, step away from the cookies of despond!