Thursday, 21 July 2011

MARS - webcomic side project

I noticed a couple of pings on my blog stats, which prompted me to remember that I actually have a blog, such as it is. (Visitors?! Why? How? Will I ever know?!) So I thought I'd better check in and wave just to prove I'm still alive and kicking.

Another side project webcomic has shuffled its way into the ether, after several "extra" characters who have only been glimpsed briefly started complaining about their lack of meaty roles, and told me they were ready for prime time. I already had the locations, vehicles and props (made for other comics) gathering dust on the studio lot, so what the hell, MARS was born. Tentatively subtitled A Murder Mystery on Mars!

Check out MARS the webcomic

Unlike several other long-running projects (Crowbar kicked off August 2008; Space Pirates and Secret Agent, January 2009; Sword Princess Yukisaki, February 2009; Starship Captain, August 2009; eek, where has the time gone?!), MARS is a short. At least that's the plan! And the cruel Fates, listening, chuckled with amusement.

As always I have this weirdo theory/idea that once I finish these comics I'll adapt them into prose, that the comics are really only storyboards. And that could actually be true. I just haven't proved it yet.

MARS is hosted on ComicFury

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