Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Nice title, shame about the — ooh, shiny!

Y'all may have wondered where the title of this lame excuse for a blog came from? (Or, far more likely, no one gives a crap.) Anyways, once upon a distant time I had this grand idea for a bunch of secret agent stories... which as usual came to not very much, what with my butterfly attention span a.k.a. Shiny Object Distraction Syndrome a.k.a. SODS law. But suddenly I had a rare moment of focus over the weekend (clunk! ow!) and this odd little spin-off from the original ideas came into being:

(You're supposed to click on the button!)

I was kinda hoping this might pop the cork that's blocked the mighty dam and get me typing again, but not yet, not yet... the world must be denied my genius* for a while longer, it seems.

*apply salt to taste


Leon Basin said...

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

Derek said...

Thanks for stopping by to say so, much appreciated. :)

Sophia said...

I'm really enjoying this new comic.

One question: did Thrash actually kill the elevator man in cold blood? I think he must have done, but his subsequent behaviour seems to go against that, so I'm questioning what I saw. :) It's got me wondering if he's some dastardly double agent or not. I must know!

Derek said...

Do your worst, you fiend, I'll never talk!