Friday, 16 November 2007

Message From A Distant Land

You know what it's like, brand-new shiny blog, you're racking your brains trying to think what the heck to put on there, if anything. Dear diary, did nothing today except waste time on teh interwebs, and it felt good.

--Just opened the mail, and lo and behold there's a shiny DVD all the way from Mr. Olsen in Canada, my very own copy of THE PHOENIX AGENDA. Cheers, Deric! The film got released last year and I haven't even seen it yet! I'm saving it for Saturday night, when its viewing shall be complimented by a Chinese take-away of truly monstrous proportions.


Sophia said...

Derek, blogging? And about time too! I shall stamp all over the virgin snow of your blog by posting a comment... How did the viewing of your film go? Your own film + Chinese takeaway sounds like the recipe for a great evening.

My word verification is "sucwipzt". *sob* I know, it does, but I can rewrite it, honest!


Derek said...

Great Galaxy Blenkinsop, a comment! From a visitor! Sorry about the "your WIP sucks" comment, I'll have a word with the management.